• Who we are


CLERE AG is an independent producer of electricity (IPP-Independent Power Producer) from renewable energy, especially photovoltaics. We acquire and operate solar parks focussing Europe. Our photovoltaic systems generate sustainable and stable yields through guaranteed feed-in tariffs. In the future, we will also invest in solar power plants with medium to long-term commercial power purchase agreements.

Governing body

CLERE AG’s Executive Board and Supervisory Board are composed of experienced managers with many years of expertise in the renewable energy, legal and financial sectors.


CLERE AG’s team is assembled internationally and consists of colleagues with many years of experience in photovoltaics in the areas of investment, asset management, technical operation and finance.


CLERE AG was renamed from Balda AG in 2016 and reoriented towards investments in and the operation of renewable energy generation plants. The team started with 3 employees and has grown to 14 employees by 2020.


CLERE AG will help to shape the energy system of the future – consisting of decentralised power generation from renewable energy combined with a variety of modern energy storage technologies.