Balda AG becomes Clere AG


• New corporate name and new business purpose as well as capital reduction and share consolidation at a 10:1 have become effective.
• Pay-out of released capital in the amount of 9.00 EUR per new (consolidated) share expected in six to seven months time.
• “New Clere AG is starting to take shape”, says Managing Director Oliver Oechsle.

Bad Oeynhausen, 8th April 2016 – Following the successful sales of he operating business to the Italian Stevanato Group, Balda AG is now tak-ing the next steps towards re-orientation.

As the General Meeting decided with a great majority on 29 January 2016, Balda AG will from now on operate under the name Clere AG and focus on investments and participations in the field of environmental and energy technology, asset management and medium-sized business participations. The new name and the changed business purpose were entered into the Commercial Register and have thus become effective. The company is represented on the Internet from now on under The website offers information about the new strategic and operational orientation.

Also the capital reduction adopted by the General Meeting on 29 was entered into the Commercial Register. Following complete capital mar-ket share conversion, the shares of Clere AG will in future be designated A2AA40 (securities identification number and DE00A2AA402 (ISIN). The conversion will probably take place still in April this year, and the re-spective details will then be published in the securities notifications. As a consequence of the capital reduction due to share consolidation at a

10:1 ratio, the number of shares is reduced from ca. 59 million (old shares) to ca. 5.9 million (new shares). The payout of 0.90 EUR per old

share is expected after expiry of the statutory waiting periods in about six to seven months. This equates a pay-out of 9.00 EUR per new share. The exact date of the pay-out shall be announced in due time.

“Based on these measures, the new Clere AG is taking shape and the business is gaining momentum”, states Oliver Oechsle, sole director of Clere AG.