EANS-Adhoc: Balda AG: Significantly positive results expected for 2009 / earnings situation considerably improved on all levels

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Balda AG: Significantly positive results expected for 2009 / earnings situation
considerably improved on all levels

(continued operations)

• Nine-month income surplus at 7.9 million euros (plus 30.8 million euros after
previous year deficit of 22.9 million euros)

• EBIT at positive 2.5 million euros (plus 5.4 million euros after minus 2.9
million euros last year)

• Sales revenues in the first nine months at 105.8 million euros (minus 44.0
million euros after 149.8 million euros last year) – economic crises burdens

• Operative cash flow increased by 10.7 million euros to 17.1 million euros

• New strategic alignment – Balda Medical back in continued operations

• New objective for 2009: Positive earnings before taxes

• Objective for 2010: significantly rising sales revenues

Bad Oeynhausen, 4 November 2009 – Balda AG, listed in the Prime Standard of
the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, reached a surplus of 7.9 million euros in the
first nine months of 2009 in the continued operations. In the same period of
the previous year, the company registered a deficit of 22.9 million euros.
Last year, the negative result was burdened by extraordinary depreciations.

Balda sold 12 percent of the shares in touch screen manufacturer TPK in the
fourth quarter 2008. Since then, the joint venture with TPK is no longer
consolidated proportionally but is shown as earnings from financial
contribution of TPK. The previous year figures 2008 shown here are adjusted
by consolidated TPK-figures until the EBIT line.

In the first nine months, the Balda Group achieved in the continued operations
sales revenues in the amount of 105.8 million euros compared to 149.8 million
euros in the same period of previous year. ?The decline of 44.0 million euros,
or 29.4 percent, is due to the downward development in sector and industry,
the continually growing pressure on prices and the partial relocation of
projects into the facilities of the customer.

The Chinese region increased sales revenues to 66.5 million euros compared to
63.7 million euros in the relating period last year. The growth was primarily
caused by the rise in customer demands. The Indian region was able to increase
its revenues to 3.3 million euros compared to 1.6 million euros in the same
period of the previous year. The Malaysian region completed the third quarter
2009 with sales revenues in the amount of 11.9 million euros (primarily
electronic products) after 65.3 million euros in the period of the previous
year. The decline was due to the relocation of a major customer´s project from
Malaysia to China, causing the Infocom business to disappear almost entirely.

On the basis of a revised strategic alignment, Balda presents a new structure
of the Group since the third quarter. Again, Balda Medical ranks among
continued operations and is back as core business within Balda Group. In the
future, the company will represent the new German region. Balda Medical
continues to grow profitably. The German region with Balda Medical achieved
sales revenues in the amount of 24.1 million euros in the first nine months of
the ongoing financial year (previous year: 20.8 million euros).

The Balda Group attained in its continued operations an EBIT amounting to 2.5
million euros in the first nine months 2009. In the relating period last year
the EBIT was at minus 2.9 million euros.

In first three quarters 2009, the company reached a pos-itive EBT in the
amount of 7.6 million euros compared to minus 19.2 million euros in the
previous year. In the third quarter, the EBT attained was 4.6 million euros in
comparison to minus 4.4 million euros last year. The positive earnings of TPK
in the first nine months are integrated in the EBT, amounting to 10.7 million

In its continued operations, Balda Group recorded a nine- month surplus
amounting to 7.9 million euros (previous year: minus 22.9 million euros).
Discontinued operations achieved a periodical surplus of 3.3 million euros
(previous year: minus 7.6 million euros). In total, the Group closed the
period under review in its continued and discontinued operations with a nine-
month surplus in the amount of 11.2 million euros (previous year: deficit at
30.5 million euros). Despite declining sales revenues the results are above

Operative cash flow of the Group increased compared to the previous year by
10.7 million euros to 17.1 million euros.

Total assets of the Group on 30 September 2009 at 283.0 million euros decreased
in comparison to the reference date value on 31 December 2008 at 300.4 million
euros by 17.4 million euros, or 5.8 percent. The decline was mainly due to
repayments amounting to about 20.0 million euros.

The equity ratio slightly increased to 36.6 percent in the period under review
in comparison to 33.5 percent at year-end 2008.

The Group´s net financial liabilities fell from 102.0 million euros at year-end
2008 to 94.8 million euros at the balance sheet date. ?

Contrary to predictions made concerning the current financial year, the Board
of Directors expects a positive EBT correcting the previously made forecast of
a balanced result. Against the background of the positive development already
shown in the third quarter 2009, the company assumes to achieve a fast
turnaround in sales revenues in 2010.

Table with figures to the first three quarters 2009
Balda Group overview (continued operations)

in million euros

| |3. quarter |3. quarter |3. quarter |
| |20093 |2008 with |2008 without|
| | |TPK3 |TPK3 |
|Revenues |105.8 |218.1 |149.8 |
|China |66.5 |130.5 |62.2 |
|Malaysia |11.9 |65.3 |65.3 |
|India |3.3 |1.6 |1.6 |
|Germany |24.1 |20.7 |20.7 |
|Total operating |113.3 |233.1 |160.7 |
|result | | | |
|EBITDA |12.4 |28.3 |25.8 |
|Earnings before |2.5 |-10.3 |-2.9 |
|interest and tax | | | |
|(EBIT) | | | |
|EBIT-margin (in |2.2 |-4.4 |-1.8 |
|%) | | | |
|Earnings before |7.6 |-20.5 |-19.2 4 |
|taxes (EBT) | | | |
|Quarterly result |7.9 |-22.9 |-22.9 |
|Quarterly result |11.2 |-30.5 |-30.5 |
|including | | | |
|discontinued | | | |
|operations | | | |
|Earnings per |21.5 |-56.5 |-56.5 |
|share (in cents)1| | | |
|Employees2 |7,184 |12,117 |8,420 |

1) Number of shares on cut-off date (in mill.): 54.157 (reference date:
2) Number of employees including loan workers, temporary workers and
apprentices – continued operations only
3) including Balda Medical GmbH & Co KG and Balda Grundstücksvermietungs
4) including TPK shown in 2009 as earnings from associated companies

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Company profile
The Balda Group develops and produces complete plastic assemblies, electronic
products and products for the medical industry. The customers of Balda are
leaders in business from the mobile, entertainment and electronic communications
as well as pharmaceutical and medical technology markets.
The group has a strong global position with product sites in China, Malaysia,
India and Germany. A subsidiary in the United States serves North American
customers in product design and development. As part of a shareholding in a
leading manufacturer of touch screens in China, Balda participates in the
dynamic touch screen displays market.
* * *
This ad hoc announcement includes “forward-looking statements” which are based
on the current expectations of the management of Balda. They are subject to
risks and uncertainty because they relate to events and depend on circumstances
that will occur in the future, such as, for example, developments in the mobile
communications industry, changes in technology and the ability to timely and
successfully develop new products and various other factors. Balda does not
undertake any obligation to update publicly or revise forward-looking statements
except to the extent legally required.
This ad hoc announcement is not an offer of securities for sale or a
solicitation of an offer to purchase securities in the United States or
elsewhere. The shares in Balda AG (the ‘Shares’) may not be offered or sold in
the United States or to or for the account or benefit of U.S. persons (as such
term is defined in Regulation S under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as
amended (the ‘Securities Act’)) unless registered under the Securities Act or
pursuant to an exemption from such registration. The Shares have not been and
will not be registered under the Securities Act.

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